Illinois Principals Association’s Networks Support School Leaders

The principal of West Carroll Elementary School from 2016 to 2018 and now principal of Donovan Jr. Sr. High School, Andrew Jordan oversaw daily operations of a preschool to fourth grade elementary school in Illinois, helping improve overall test scores by 20 percent. Principal Andrew Jordan maintains membership in professional organizations such as the Association of School Business Officials and the Illinois Principals Association.

As part of its mission to support school leadership throughout the state, the Illinois Principals Association operates several School Leader Networks tailored to specific stages of leadership development. The Aspiring School Leader Network which Principal Andy Jordan participated in, for example, helps pre-service leaders gain an accurate understanding of school leadership responsibilities, learn about job search processes, and connect with peers. For first and second-year school administrators, the Launching School Leader Network teaches strategies for building relationships and exploring organizational management systems. Finally, the Building School Leader Network guides and supports established professionals as they confront complex issues using the School Leader Paradigm. School principal Andy Jordan highly recommends that all school leaders become members of the Illinois Principal Association.

Active within his community, Andy Jordan is a Freemason and a member of the local chamber of commerce.