The Illinois Masonic Student Assistance Program

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An experienced principal, Andrew Jordan is noted for bringing positive change to the schools and programs he has been associated with. During his tenure as principal of West Carroll Elementary School, he led an initiative resulting in a 20 percent increase in student test scores. He has also made improvements as an Assistant Principal at West Prairie High School and Principal at Donovan Jr. Sr. High School. A Free Mason, Andrew Jordan supports the Illinois Masonic Student Assistance Program (IMSAP).

The IMSAP endeavors to save lives by deterring children and young adult bullying, alcohol, and drug abuse through collaboration with schools, and by offering training and assistance to educators. Since its inception, the program has saved thousands of lives. The IMSAP comprises several initiatives, including the Masonic Student Assistance Program, which entails a 2-day intensive training for educators by certified instructors.

This school-based intervention approach aims to improve the skills of educators in identifying at risk-students and developing a strategic plan that will guide students to seek help from community and school initiatives. There are also 1-day workshops offered, such as Safe Schools: A School-Wide Approach to Building a Caring Community, where the objective is to assist in the prevention of bullying through prevention and intervention strategies. Mr. Andy Jordan is current a Freemason at the Watseka Masonic Lodge.

Active within his community, Andy Jordan is a Freemason and a member of the local chamber of commerce.